i•sau•ra |eye-zora| – Goddess of the Library; American of Cape Verdean descent; student

Whenever starting a paper or speech, the basic bitch in me comes out and I use a definition to open my story. Everybody does it. I just get so overwhelmed with ideas (anxiety) that I don’t know where to start. Using a definition always helps. Why? Because to me, a definition is a starting place. A definition gives meaning to a word. I just said some deep stuff right there, huh? Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I have no idea what to write for my first post, so I guess I’ll just define myself. I wrote this definition in a paper last year. I was so proud of it. I was so proud that I included it in my “About Me” on Facebook, Twitter, AND Tumblr. Check me out. So why not use this definition as a starting point for my blog? Let me briefly explain who I am:

Goddess of the Library; When school is in session, I go to the library every day and spend at least 3 hours in there. My friends know where to find me. Students know not to sit there. The university has even dedicated the area to me.* There’s a plaque and everything. But seriously, I love the library. Books turn me on and by turn me on, I mean motivate me to study.

*This is false.

American of Cape Verdean descent; If you don’t live in Rhode Island, Boston, Brockton, New Bedford, or Fall River, then there’s a 89% chance you’ve never heard of one of the greatest countries in the world: Cabo Verde. Both of my parents were born in Cape Verde. They moved here, met in Rhode Island, and had yours truly. The Republic of Cape Verde is a group of 10 islands located off the West Coast of Africa. We are an African nation so don’t get it twisted. Please just research this beautiful country. Obrigado.

student; I go to college and I’m a double major in Political Science and Communication Studies with a minor in Leadership Studies. Where do I go to school?  I’m not tellling. I’ve seen way too many episodes of Law and Order: SVU. I know how this world works. I’m going to have to see a warrant.

Okay so I defined myself. Right? Wrong. Defining yourself is a never-ending journey. Every day I define myself. In my journal, in my head, or to my friends. I need to let people know who I am. I also want to know who you are. You, yes, YOU! I like talking and going on rants, but I also love listening to people’s opinions and seeing things from a different perspective. So I decided to start a blog. I’ll follow people, people will follow me and we’ll see how much I learn about myself and everyone else. The purpose of my blog? No idea. Maybe I’ll talk about intellectual things like C-SPAN and Starbucks. Or maybe I’ll talk about cool things like media and Mariska Hargitay’s hair. So yeah, this is my first post. I’m so happy! Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted a blog. A blog I can call my own. A 90s kid dream come true.


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