Happy Birthday Mariska (ma-RISH-ka)


Do you know who this is? Of course you do. How silly of me to even ask such a foolish question. If you know me, you know she’s wifey. Have we meet? I can’t ask any questions without a lawyer present.* But I can tell you that she’s one of my favorite actresses and an inspiration. Who can play a badass detective on a television show for fourteen seasons? Who can have 45 different hairstyles and rock every single one of them? Mariska freaking Hargitay. I really used to post pictures of her as my icon on AIM. People used to send me concerned messages, thinking I had been hacked. No, no. I just admire people who stand for something. Happy 49th Birthday to Mariska Hargitay a.k.a Mariska a.k.a the baddest a.k.a. my friend a.k.a just kidding.

*no 😦


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