Late-night Writing

“…meaningful blogging instead of aimless rhetoric on the internet.”

Planners are my best friends. Graphic organizers make me smile. Don’t even get me started on checklists. Organization has been a close friend since elementary school. I planned on starting up a blog (is it “start up” or “making”? Maybe I should look it up on WebMD) back in September, but then this thing called school started up again, so I put it aside until winter break. I thought, “Plenty of time! I’m going to do so many life-changing things this winter break!” Well, I did do something life-changing and that was sign up for  Netflix. I also tried starting up my blog, but I was so overwhelemed. Overwhelmed with the  feeling of actually starting something. I like to look at it as an equation because boy, do I love math! It looks like this:

excitement + anxiety = overwhelmed

I was trying to plan out everything. What my blog was going to be about, what the layout was going to look like, how often would I post, et cetera, et cetera. Then one day I just wanted to post something and I went ahead and did it. It felt cool. I felt cool, because posting things online is cool (eh, it’s whatevs). Seriously, I liked that I could post something and share it with others, as well as read people’s work. Then I started school and a professor said the following: “…meaningful blogging instead of aimless rhetoric on the internet.” I don’t remember the full quote, but I’m not trying to pull a  Beyoncé out here and fake it (too soon?). We were talking about blogging and its significance today and how blogging can make an impact on something or whatever. The point is, when he said aimless rhetoric, I immediately thought of my measly post. Is what I’m writing a waste in cyberspace? Useless? God forbid…wack?! Then I started planning again. Then I got annoyed and texted a beautiful friend who shall remain anonymous (Mia) and told her how I need a purpose for my blog. She said that I don’t need a purpose because it’s my blog. The only way I can learn to write better is through posting what I want to talk about. Like I said before, I’m not trying to be internet famous or be a bougie hipster sad girl who rants about “society” online like a corn, I just want to connect with people and relate and disagree and learn. So what have I learned? To stop second guessing myself and just write, yo. No need for a set schedule on when I will post or any other thing I was thinking about. I just have to write. Just like New Balance’s logo, “Just Do It”.

p.s. If you’re a writer/blogger/human being and have any suggestions/comments, I would love for you to send me your feedback and/or advice. Call me. And by call me, I mean contact me here on WordPress or on Tumblr & Twitter: @eyezora


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