Little Monster


I am a proud Little Monster. What or who is a Little Monster you ask? According to Urban Dictionary, a Little Monster is “someone who lives and breathes Lady Gaga. We make clothes out of random household materials, spend hours learning her dances, and cry about how much we love her when we’re drunk.” (Urban Dictionary, 2013). Okay, so that definition is a little extreme, but it gives you an overview of the term. I LOVE GAGA. It was love at first sight really, and it all started in 2009 a.k.a. the year I had R.I.P. Michael Jackson in my away message for a good three months. Let me explain:

In 2009, I didn’t really care about music. That one year, I just didn’t care. All I cared about was friends, AIM, and my next MySpace layout. I didn’t have a favorite artist. Then came GaGa. It was June, it was hot, and I was bored. There I was, watching So You Think You Can Dance? when Heidi Klum’s little sister, Cat Deeley, announced the musical performer: Lady GaGa. When the camera shot to her, I had a conniption*. She had her bad ass sunglasses and her fly leotard and her POPPIN’ SHOULDER PADS. This was pre-Katy Perry/Nicki Minaj/resurrectedMadonna/RihannaallwearingsequinsandfirebrasjustlikeGaga era. Gaga’s ensemble was new to me.The sound was horrible during the performance, but that didn’t really matter to me. What mattered to me was her stage presence. I’m pretty sure she knew the sound was atrocious, but she kept going as if she were performing at the Grammys. This women just went out there and did her thing, no matter the circumstance.

*just want to thank my dear friend, Tatyana, for teaching me that word back in high school.

I did what every other human being would do and I Wikipedia’ed her. Then I listened to The Fame and a few months later, The Fame Monster was released.I really can;t describe how I feel about those albums. Every single song, music video, cover art, EVERYTHING was on point. Look, I’m NO musical expert, but in my opinion, Lady Gaga was true pop. Crazy costumes and colors, bougie pyrotechnics flying all over the place, and lyrics that were simple to understand. The difference between Lady Gaga and other pop artists for me is that Lady Gaga was innovative. Of course, she was influenced by Madonna and other pop artists of the past and present, but she was adding her own taste to it. The Fame made me optimistic about life. At that point in my life, I was applying to colleges and thinking about my future, and I would play this album while I filled out applications. I just though about New York City and having the drive to do whatever I wanted to do. I interpret fame as something more than “making it in Hollywood” and millions of people knowing your name or your look or any of that superficial bullcrap. When I think of fame, I try to look at it in a positive way. Fame is being recognized for your work, your creation. Fame is genuine. I guess I measure fame by a person’s work. I don’t like saying “Oh, she’s so famous”. Who cares. Ugh, am I pulling a Clint Eastwood right now? Okay, I’m rambling. Back to Gaga. I keep saying was because I don’t know how I feel about her music after Born This Way was released. When I saw the cover art for the album, I almost cried. I thought Katy Perry hacked her Twitter. I felt like she was trying too hard to get attention and it was just wiggity-wack. But, I listened to Born This Way, and it was okay. I guess I expect a musical artist to release all of their albums just like their debut album. We all know that gets boring after a while, but I just love consistency. But you know what? I need to remember the reason why I did this in high school:


Because Lady Gaga was innovative. Is innovative. Innovation means always transforming, creating bigger and better things. I’m not obligated to love every single song she puts out. People forget that celebrities, singers and actors are human beings. They are people who act, people who sing, not mystical creatures. What I am trying to get at is this: I love Lady Gaga’s persona and music and her work has inspired me to just do what I want to do and create things my way. You don’t know how bad I want to end this post with a “born this way” reference, but I got nothin’. I’m Speechless.



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