Flashback Friday: Scholastic Book Fairs

I always knew when they were coming to town. Always. I could spot the shiny metal boxes from a mile away. I’m talking about magical metal boxes that transformed into book shelves. Oh, you don’t remember yet? Look down.



I bet you do know. But just look at these kids. I don’t know them, but I do know they’re happy. More than happy, they’re freaking flabbergasted. You must know the feeling. Buying a book is like buying your own home: life-changing. And you know you couldn’t leave the book fair without buying a few accessories. I would buy bookmarks, posters, scented erasers, gel pens, FLUFFY gel pens, just everything. At my elementary school, we had library once a week, so we only had one chance to go to the book fair. I always made sure to let the teacher know that I would take my snack breaks in the library during book fair week. I bought all kinds of books. Junie B. Jones, Baby-sitters Club, The Diary of Anne Frank, and any other book written by my girl Ann M. Martin or my boy Jerry Spinelli. If I went one day and didn’t have enough money for all 7 of the books I wanted, I’d just hide the book in the back of the library or place it behind a useless book like, let’s say Ripley’s Believe It or Not! I would always get the money though. When it came down to books, I was as Beyoncé would say “na-na-na diva is a female version of a hustla.” I was a braceface hustla. I played no games. My dad didn’t either. This guy would give me a check signed to Scholastic and it would be for a grand total of about $10. Whatever, who cares the point is is that I got my books. I would show them off during indoor recess, but then I realized halfway through listing the books I bought, everybody hopped on a computer and logged into Millsberry.com (We miss you, Millsberry :() Do you think I cared?! Hell no! After school was over, I’d go home and read until I had to go to bed. Then I’d shut my door and turn on my lamp that had a 10 watt bulb (I wear glasses now) and read until about 10:00 pm. Rebel, I know. It was totally worth it. Books made me happy then and books make me happy now. I wish they had book fairs in college. Instead they have this thing called a bookstore and the mean people take hundreds of dollars from you each semester. Book fairs actually encouraged kids to read. Who wanted to be the loser who didn’t buy a book and instead spent $10 on Fruit Roll-Ups at lunch? I remember literally jumping for joy with my friends when we discovered that Junie B. Jones finally made it to the 1st grade. This was at a book fair. Do kids even jump for joy in the library anymore?! They should be. They should be having fun. With books. It’s corny to think that some of the best moments I had in my life happened because of something I read in a book. A book I bought at a fly-ass book fair. I’m pretty sure book fairs are still around. You would THINK we would have flying books by now, but whatevs. On a serious note though, make sure your little brother, sister or cousin has a $10 check for the next book fair. 


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