The F Word



I love to laugh. No, it’s a serious problem. In elementary school, I’d be the girl in the front of the classroom who would laugh after someone said the word “balls”. But the thing is, I would laugh for 20 minutes straight. As a matter of fact, someone said the word “balls” in my 300 level international politics class last week and I laughed my ass off. You see, I laugh because I try to find “the funny” in everything. Don’t get it twisted though, that doesn’t mean I laugh at everything because guess what? Not everything is funny (but 95.5% of the time, everything is funny). So I discovered at any early age that laughter and humor is what brings joy to my life. I’ve been watching Saturday Night Live since I was 7 and my babysitter let me watch Dumb and Dumber when I was 8, so I’m basically a funny expert. So as you’re reading this you’re probably thinking, why the hell does she have this picture included in the post & she hasn’t even mentioned it. Well, that’s because I need to give you all some background info on what is leading to my explanation of the picture. That picture was taken by my lovely younger brother, Paulo (or Petey Pablo as I like to call him) during my first stand-up gig. I opened for Michael Ian Black this past Monday and let me tell ya, it was amazing. The feeling was amazing. The thing is leading up to the show, people had no IDEA I was “funny”. See I sometimes refer to the word funny as “the F word” because it makes me feel awkward when someone asks me if I’m funny. I think you look like a corn when you call yourself funny. Its kind of like calling yourself “sexy” or “cool”. So after winning URI’s Last Comic Standing people would come up to me and say “How are you funny?!” or “I didn’t know you were funny” or my all time favorite “Oh my god, tell me a joke.” No, no, and no. At first, I was in shock that people were in shock that I was funny. But see, I just said I hate calling myself funny. I guess its safe to say that humor is as complicated as love. Okay, maybe not. So how did I handle these questions/comments? I smiled and said “haha yeah I don’t know.” What the hell, right?! Why am I scared to say, “Yeah, I actually love comedy and I love making people laugh. I like performing and I wanted to try it out.” Instead I pulled a Scott Brown and hopped in my pick-up truck and drove away from the truth. But after performing on Monday, I want to do it again. And again. It was like crack. I had zero nerves up there and I loved telling people a story. I was able to be creative and pick at things we all do and things we’ve all experienced. Yo, it was poppin’. So, what’s the moral of this story? To keep it one hunnit with myself and with others. If I like doing something, admit it. If I like laughing at the word “balls”, then I’ll keep laughing at the word “balls”. Humor is a beautiful thing really. Hearing someone laugh really does make me happy. Think about the last time you laughed really hard. At that moment that laugh releases from you, your mind is on cloud 9. Its a high really. Why do crack when you can laugh?! #D.A.R.E.GRADUATEPROBZ








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