Stand Up and Chill: A night of Stand Up Comedy

If it weren’t for empanadas and Oreo there would be no Stand Up and Chill. Please, let me explain.

I’ve been performing stand up since 2013 but stopped in 2014 because higher education gave me anxiety. I graduated from college this May and promised myself that I would focus all of my energy on comedy and being creative. I spent this past summer writing material, watching and listening to my favorite comedians, and attending open mic nights. I watched others perform but I wasn’t feeling confident enough to perform. Fast forward to October, and I’m with one of my best friends, Orianna “Oreo” Rodriguez, and we’re eating empanadas at a local Colombian restaurant. She’s talking about her music and I was talking about my comedy and she said, “Isa, just do it. Rent a space, publicize the event and just do it. You got this.” So I did it.

A month and a half after empanadas with Oreo, Stand Up and Chill: A Night of Stand Up Comedy took place on Black Friday at Trade Pop Up in Providence. Free show, free drinks. I wanted to organize a show where the crowd wasn’t just white or just black; just young or just old. I wanted diversity in the audience and on stage. I’m happy and proud to say that both were accomplished and the show was a hit. We literally had a full house and had an audience that went out the door. The comedians killed it and I couldn’t have been any prouder. It felt amazing to host a show, even if I had pit stains the size of Narragansett Bay.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended Stand Up and Chill. Thank you to Trade Pop Up for the venue, Liana Weeks for photographing the event, Kirby Nunez for designing the flyer, Eileen Slavin and company for filming the event, and to Viki Pants, Kody Fraser, Evan Little and HiLARRYous for performing in the show. Thank you to family, friends, and strangers (who are now friends) for being the best audience.

As mentioned earlier, Liana Weeks photographed the show. Liana is creator of The YOUTH, a blog “made by the youth, for the youth.” Check out The YOUTH here:

Along with being a photographer and blogger, Liana is also a DJ, afro-Dominicana, a senior at Smith College, and studied abroad for one year in South Korea.

A video of the show will be released, but until then enjoy the photos from the show. Photo credit to Liana Weeks. Please give credit when sharing photos.



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